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Compaign Compliance & Strategy

Whether you’re running for a local school board, Congress, or working to pass legislation, we’re here to help.


Professional ethics reporting and compliance services for candidates and PACs. 


Heartland brings a wide array of experience and expertise to any political campaign, whether it’s a small race or a big one.


We believe winning strategy is grounded in data. We can help you connect the data dots, develop messaging and action plans that return results.

About Us

At Heartland Campaigns, we are dedicated to mastering the dynamic and intricate field of campaign finance reporting. With a keen understanding of this ever-evolving landscape, we employ cutting-edge technology and a meticulous approach to service. Our commitment is to collaborate closely with our clients, ensuring that their financial disclosures are submitted not just punctually, but with unwavering accuracy and in strict compliance with regulatory standards. Our vigilance in these matters is designed to afford you the twin benefits of time savings and financial efficiency.

Our billing philosophy is as innovative as our services. We’ve moved away from the conventional fee structures and adopted a flexible monthly retainer model. This model is responsive to the ebb and flow of your campaign’s financial activities, adjusting in proportion to the volume of your donations and expenditures each month. The result is a consistently fair rate that adapts to the financial heartbeat of your campaign, ensuring that our services are always a cost-effective and equitable choice for you.


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Say Goodbye to Ethics Headaches!

Outsourcing ethics compliance is a smart move for candidates and PACs. It’s all about keeping things clean and legal without getting lost in the maze of rules. Let the experts handle the tricky compliance stuff. This way, candidates can focus on what really matters – their campaign goals. Plus, it adds a layer of unbiased professionalism that can really boost a candidate’s credibility.

Promise Made, Promise Kept.

  • Ethics Report Proofs 5+ days Before Filing
  • Monthly Financial Reconciliations
  • Responsive Team for Questions & Guidance

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